We specialize in lawn care and lawn maintenance services

Weekly Mowing

Our main service is our lawn mowing operations. We take our time with every mow to create straight stripes and clean cut lawns. We make sure to trim and edge every week to keep the perimeter of the lawn looking sharp. Finally we will make sure to blow debris off surrounding sidewalks, driveways, and patios.

Fertilization / Seeding

Through hours of research we have created a fertilizer plan to keep your lawn healthy all year and coming back strong after the winters. We apply 5 applications of various fertilizers throughout the year according to the conditions that the lawn is in. These range from high nitrogen fertilizers, to fertilizers with soil treatment to withstand the heat of the summers, and winterizers to prepare the lawn for the harsh and snowy winters we get in Colorado.

Seeding is also an important service to keeping lawns full and healthy. We do anything from repairing dog spots, dead spots, or complete overseeds to thicken up and create a full healthy lawn.


Cleanups provide a sharp edge to a property. We provide general cleanups including hedge trimming and pruning, leaf, and debris cleanups on properties. With this service you will not only have a nice looking lawn, but a sharp looking landscape as a whole.

Sprinkler Adjustments

The right amount of water is one of the most important factors in having a nice lawn. We offer sprinkler adjustments to make sure your lawn is getting the right amount of water. Over time sprinkler heads can get off track or need to be replaced. We can get them adjusted to the right position, adjust the amount of water the lawn is getting, and replace any broken sprinkler heads.

Details create the big picture.

Sanford I Weill

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